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The Granting of Vision in the Blue Ridge Mountains


In my previous post I described the inner conflict that clouded my mind on the first day of a photographic trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and how God graciously manifested his glory through that. On the second day in the Blue Ridge, there was to be no conflict at all.

I began day two still basking in the warmth of the grace shown the day before, once again reviewing the previous evening’s images on the camera LCD screen and feeling humbled by and thankful for God’s provision, both spiritual and photographic.

Incidentally, a leisurely start to this day meant breakfast turned into an early lunch at a spectacular barbecue joint in Asheville, North Carolina, called 12 Bones. If you get to Asheville you will want to make time for a stop here ūüôā

Fortified by the hearty meal I drove back up the winding scenic Parkway into the lush spring hills. My mind rode a steady wave of peace, freshly aware of how our Heavenly Father cares for us through every detail of each day. Coming around a bend to a pullout I was struck by a sublime view of impossibly green layers of lovely hills. Being well past morning the light was not as soft as I prefer but I decided to stop and attempt a composition. As I was setting up the tripod I drank in the intoxicating aromas of spring blossoms and delighted to the sound of birds singing throughout the forest. Then one of my favorite mid-day conditions occurred when puffy clouds floating high over the landscape cast appealing shadows across parts of the hills, and now suddenly the light was aesthetically pleasing. I was able to expose a few images before the clouds moved on.


Layers of lush green Blue Ridge hills in springtime near Asheville, North Carolina

Layers of lush green Blue Ridge hills in springtime near Asheville, North Carolina


After making this satisfying composition and returning to the drive up the Parkway, my heart filled with God’s majesty pouring forth from this place, the Lord confirmed¬†deep down in my inner man that he has called me to be a photographic artist for his glory, to worship in this work, and then share his greatness as Creator with others through a blog. And in that moment the Spirit was very specific, impressing powerfully on the deepest place in my mind, ‘do not delay any further in engaging this work I have allotted to you.’ I have sensed¬†God’s prompting to pursue this work may times in past years, but somehow I understood this was different, it was a point of release and confirmation. All I could do was respond with awe and trembling and many joyful tears, and then shouts of praise to our God as I drove along. I knew clearly from this point on there would be no more procrastination, that it was time to leave behind the fears and excuses and dive fully into living a life of proclaiming the glory of our great God in the way he designed¬†me to do it.

The remainder of the day was peaceful image-making under the providential hand of my Heavenly Father, with the discovery of a group of trees filled with character in their curving branches, next to a superb waterfall cascading across golden colored rock that provided a couple hours of joyful photographic work in total solitude.


Trees full of character grace the landscape along the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Trees full of character grace the landscape along the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway


The abundance of creation glory singing loudly on this day had me meditating on what happens to my spirit when I am out in God’s world engaging with his beauty. I realized that when I put myself in the path of his excellence in this world he crafted, two main things start happening: first, I am reminded¬†who God is. And second, I am reminded¬†who I am.

More specifically, out in creation I am reminded in a palpable experiential way with all my senses that it is God who made everything, that it is he who commands and sustains the universe every moment, that his divine power and beauty and creativity have no equal. I am in awe as I perceive the reality that he truly is CREATOR and deserving of all worship.

And then I perceive in a fresh light the fact that I am but a mere creature.  I am not God! (though I try hard to be many times). I am not the one with power. I am finite. Broken. Most definitely not holy.

I am humbled before an awesome God.

My thoughts¬†then turn to¬†the¬†desperate need for someone to stand in for me as a mediator before this almighty perfect eternal holy God, someone who can forgive my sin and make me right with the Creator who has every right to destroy me because I fall so short of his glory in my wilfully rebellious state. And in this pondering my heart is turned once more¬†to this very one revealed in the Bible who has indeed already stood up for me and for all who will believe, who has paid the ultimate price for all that is ugly within me as he was tortured and strung up on a cross, whose perfect life is now credited to me by his grace through the gift of faith so that I am shockingly declared ‘not guilty!’, and who now sits at the right hand of his Father ruling as King over all creation: the perfect God-man Jesus Christ.

So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son.¬†He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.” (Ephesians 1:6-7, New Living Translation)


Second Falls on the Yellowstone Prong flow gracefully over golden rock in a mile-high valley

Second Falls on the Yellowstone Prong flows gracefully over golden rock in a mile-high valley


How about you dear reader – how does creation speak to you? What messages do you hear when you see God’s glory pouring forth in the everyday beauty of our world? I invite you to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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