Thank you for stopping by my blog.

While standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon at age 12 I was compelled to pick up my parents’ $10 Kodak Instamatic camera and begin photographing God’s creation. I’ve been blessed to have a camera in my hands ever since, now as a full-time landscape photographer.

My passion is to experience the beauty and majesty of the land – which for me is a reflection of the Creator’s excellence – and share these glimpses of glory with others through photography and writing.

I hope you will be encouraged and blessed through the blog, and I would greatly enjoy your interaction through the comments.

peace & grace,

Ross Martin

5 responses to “About

  • Slavomir

    Right on brother, looking forward to reading your thoughts and savoring the images!



  • Michele Ingalls-Hamilton

    Hello Ross!
    I was a year younger than you and David Carson if you remember me. I wanted to share that I came across a FB post (likely from David) on your Vulnerability blog and was intrigued by the caption, however was on a short break at work and didn’t make it back to read it. So, this morning as I sit in His quietness on a sunny and soft, cool breezy Sunday morning before getting ready for church, I came upon your blog again knowing now I am supposed to read this and it’s in front of me again for a reason. I read it and it definitely spoke to me as I’m sure it has in one way or another to all that have. Vulnerability can evoke both positive and/or negative first impressive feelings depending on our life’s path…I felt both and for many reasons that I don’t need to bore you with (haha). My point is I was touched and continued to read the Devils Tower segment as well.
    I have often wanted to use my love of helping others, writing and yes photography to express and witness of Gods never-ending love and devotion to all of us and perhaps touch lives with encouragement, loving advice and of course humor. 🙂 Reading your blog has been another encouragement to me to follow my heart and this calling to use my God-given talents for Him and I’m sure will end up being a therapy of sorts from my own journey.
    It was very cool to see that you are still doing your passion of photography and long-time love (sorry I can picture her but name isn’t coming to me) as that’s a testament in itself…congrats you two!
    So, I just wanted to share my appreciation for your talents and following what God has put in front of you! Keep on!
    In Christ,
    Michele Ingalls-Hamilton 🙂


    • Ross Martin

      Hi Michele! I do remember you from high school and am grateful to have you here as a reader! It blesses me to know God encouraged you through the blog, and I’m excited to see how He leads you to engage with your gifts. Keep me posted on that. I’ll send you a friend request on FB.

      Thank you for bringing encouragement to my heart today!

      By grace,


  • Miss Sunshine

    Happy to have found your blog & looking forward to looking through it more 🙂

    Love & Light ! xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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